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REVIEW 2021: DEERC D15 GPS Drone 4K

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

First thing comes first!

Attractive looks and impressive packaging makes DEERC D15 FPV Drone an irresistible purchase. Moreover, the affordable price range pushes you a little more to do so.

What does as a buyer haunt you? The picture quality of your drone camera? But for me, it's always the stabilization.

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I always remain concerned about the results and ask myself, what if the flight mode hinders the stabilization?

To shoot your most desired angles this mini drone utilizes the latest technology that presents smooth and reliable results all due to electronic image stabilization.

So let me show you some detailed features to show you how this champ is going to hover all-around your favorite places.

DEERC D15 Drone Specifications and Technical Details:

Capturing stunning high-quality footage from drone angles has become a thing now. However, sophisticated drones with the best camera will cost you a fortune. So, why not try the alternative?

If you are looking for a drone that gives value for money, then you’ve come to the right review. The impressive DEERC D15 drone offers an exceptional flight experience with a 4K HD camera and many autonomic functions.

Here are the specifications and a few technical details you will notice when unboxing the

D15 drone for the first time:

- The drone’s dimensions are approximately 15 x 15 x 5 inch when unfolded

- The estimated weight of the drone is about 19.33 oz/ 548 grams

- It offers a maximum flight time ranging between 20-22 minutes

- The drone offers a 4K Ultra HD camera with 5G FPV

- It has a maximum control range of approximately 1000 meters/3277 ft

- It offers a max FPV transmission range of about 500 meters/1640 ft

- The drone’s camera lens offers 130-degree FOV O to -90-degree adjustable angle

- The drone has a 4K 5G camera with electronic image stabilization

- The drone comes along with a 7.4V 2800mAh modular battery

- Its remote controller comes along with a small LCD display

What’s Inside the Package?

If you order the overall package, then there are a few handy accessories that come along with your D15 drone.

Following are the contents of the package including the drone:

- One 5G transmitter

- Four extra propellers and cap

- One USB charging cable

- One manual

- One 7.4V 2800mAh drone modular battery

How Does D15’s Design Compare to the Competition?

The first thing you should know about this drone is that it is not foldable. That’s right, this amazing drone is not foldable which makes it a little too big and bulky. It may not be an ideal choice for anyone who packs light or travels a lot.

Other than that, this 548-gram aircraft is a treat to fly. Since it weighs more than 200 grams, you’ll need to register it with the FAA before taking it in the air.

Unlike many of its peers, the D15 drone is equipped with brushless motors. These motors offer relatively good and powerful performance. The 1620Kv brushless motors give better stability and a relatively quiet flight time. Moreover, they are low maintenance and will last you longer.

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How Good Are the Looks?

If it's all about the looks, then the D15 drone is a smart and professional looking drone. Its design is impressive with four rotor arms. Each arm has a brushless motor at the end.

The biggest let down about this drone is its non-foldable design. However, even without it, the drone’s black body and overall design is attractive.

The drone’s body is made up of ABS plastic which is a high-quality material. Most of the plastic parts have been produced through 3D printing technology. Even then, the drone offers impressive shock resistance capabilities.

The strong body protects the interior electronic parts while the landing legs also offer additional protection. They not only protect the drone’s camera but also help in a safe landing.

I would give the drone’s overall design and build quality a thumbs up. It's durable, appealing, high performing, and of good quality.

Is D15 Drone’s 4K Camera Good Enough for Professional Photography?

Well, why not? With D15’s 4K Ultra HD camera, you can take highly detailed and vibrant photos and videos. If we talk about quality, then the drone offers 3840 x 2160p quality HD images.

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When combined with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), the result is breathtaking. The EIS helps in correcting the footage which might be affected by the turbulence or shakiness of your drone during flight.

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This amazing technology almost cancels the shaking and vibration effect when capturing footage. Compared to other sensors, the built-in Sony Sensor offers astounding image-capturing technologies.

It allows you to capture footage in 30-60 frames with superior image quality. The end result? Incredibly stable, smooth, and detailed footage.

When it comes to having the best view, the D15 is the drone to have. Capture mesmerizing wider and clearer shots with a 130-degree Field of View (FOV). Moreover, you can also adjust the camera vertically from 0 to 90-degrees.

And finally, when you are done capturing footage, you can store it in an SD card in 4K quality. I prefer an SD card because if you store it on your phone then the footage will be in 1080p.

How ‘Smart’ are the Automatic Functions and Flight Modes?

The DEERC D15 is a drone worth your money. Apart from its ultimate highlight, which is the 4k UHD camera, you can also enjoy a handful of smart flight modes and functions.

Like most quadcopters in this price range, the D15 is also a preferable choice for amateur pilots. Its flight functions are supportive, easy-to-use, and enjoyable.

Double Position Hold Function:

When you need incredible precision and stability while filming, you can easily rely on this model. It consists of altitude hold and optical flow. These allow the drone to hover with extreme precision.

Point of Interest and Follow Me Mode:

These two modes are fairly enjoyable and useful. As the name suggests, the Follow Me Mode simply allows the drone to consistently follow an object or a person after it recognizes it and locks it.

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This is a useful model when you are doing extreme activities like hiking or biking. You simply let your drone do the work.

The second interesting mode is the Point of Interest where the drone circles around a selected object. This allows it to take footage from almost all angles.

Wind Resistance and WayPoint Flying Mode:

Wind resistance is more of a design feature than a mode. Nonetheless, the D15 drone has level 4 wind resistance. It can reach up to a maximum speed of 40 km/h with the help of its powerful motors.

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So, whenever you are shooting or flying on a windy day, you can count on this drone to remain stable.

Coming to the WayPoint Flying mode, it allows your drone to follow a designation that you have set on your smartphone screen. You just select the spots, and the drone will follow.

GPS Auto Return Function:

This is one of the most helpful functions you can get in a drone. Just in case your drone runs out of battery or loses its signal, this function will help it auto return home just like that!

You will be able to keep your drone insight with the help of GPS accurate positioning. GPS always has your drone’s precise location. All you need to do is press the return to home key and the drone will come back safely.

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Remote Controller and Battery Time:

The DEERC D15 drone is equipped with a module smart battery. It is a 2800 mAh intelligent battery which is easy to remove and insert and safe to handle. The battery offers the drone a maximum flight time of about 22 minutes.

The thing about intelligent batteries is that you can view the remaining voltage. This means that you can always make sure when the drone will completely drain out.

The remote controller for the drone on the other hand is a smart controller with an LCD display. The remote has a connectivity range of about 1000 meters and shows the height, remaining battery, GPS status, and distance range of the drone.


- Excellent design and build quality

- Level 4 wind resistance

- Smart flight functions and modes

- Electronic image stabilization technology

- 4K Ultra HD camera with 130-degree FOV

- Brushless motors with powerful performance

- GPS auto-return function

- Module smart battery

- Easy-to-use for beginners

- 0-90-degree vertical adjustable lens

- 5G FPV transmission

- Remote controller with LCD display


- Is not foldable

- Does not come with a storage case


FPV drone showing clearer display with remote control is real ease of use for professionals as well as for beginners.

So no matter what your purpose of the purchase, don’t think anymore. Add this champ into your checklist for the next outdoor expedition to dominate the scene.

Let’s get started with your shooting passion Now!

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