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Can Drones Fly In The Rain?

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Can drones fly in rain?

Typically, drones cannot fly in Rain as they are not water-resistant but some expensive models can. These days’ drones are widely used to get security surveillance in a large city and one of the most common usages of drones is to give media coverage in sports and other events and something as natural as the rain that is so inevitable can be a problem in smooth surveillance and coverage but still, drones are being used to cover up these events that’s because they use some complex models that are somewhat water-resistant and can withstand rain and windy weather conditions although it is well known that these type of drones cost a fortune and they also consume a lot of battery power.

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Please keep in mind the additional power requirements to fly in rainy and windy weather. The effect of water drops on your propellers can be considered at its worst. There is a sufficient amount of extra weight from the water on the drone apart from the weight of the drone itself, never mind the risk of water trapped inside the drone which can lead to whole new problems.

Finally, if attempting flight in the rain, there is a high chance it’s windy out as well. Flying in wind is one of the fastest ways to reduce a drone battery. Furthermore, just because a drone is waterproof it does not mean you can land and take off from water too. And to that, a drone must float or otherwise get the propellers out of the water far enough to push enough air for liftoff.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

Breaking the surface tension of the water requires a lot of power as well that’s why having a large battery capacity is an important factor for these drones mostly drones of this caliber will not have an issue with that, but it is certainly something to be aware of when you are looking for such drones that can fly in rain. There is some waterproofing measure you can take on nearly any drone but that doesn’t mean it will always work out and you might lose your expensive drone.

There are also some DIY projects on the internet that affix flotation devices to the landing gear of almost any drone. Again we cannot say that you can’t do it, just be wary of that surface tension and the extra weight of the water, the failed DIY attempts we’ve seen all either could not lift off, or flipped into the water when a side or corner failed to lift out evenly that’s why it’s important to note that these homemade waterproof drones don’t always work.

So a simple answer to the question if drones can fly in rain is YES they can but under certain conditions and they require loads of additional modifications on them to be able to do so. We spend a lot of time scouring the web for news, information, and more on if drones can be easily used in certain weather conditions, and after a lot of research we come up with these answers.

If we are to be asked is it a good or bad idea to test your drone in rainy weather then we can say that it might not be a good idea as you may damage your drone beyond repair or in worse cases lose your expensive gadget. But it’s always innovative, informative and in some ways funny to try out new things as we always learn from our mistakes but by taking all the necessary precautions one should try to do any such experiment. Let it be known that we do not endorse or recommend anything regarding these experiments.

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