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REVIEW 2021: DJI Mavic Air 2

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

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You might have seen the beautiful aerial footage and images in magazines, TV channels, or social media. These stunning visuals can confuse you first how someone can take this Hollywood film-alike shot in a breeze. If so, the drones are the answer to all your questions!

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

While they seem like a toy but serve you with plenty of positive aspects, no matter if you're running a production house or just a hobbyist looking forward to some cool aerial shots, these drones with cameras are a sure way to uplift your shooting goals. Are you still confused? Keep on reading to know more!

Drones have received immense love in these past few years. The reason for their quick fame lies under the evolution of this technological world. Things like battery life, connectivity, flying range, and stabilization factors have improved much. That's one reason there are about 412,000 commercial drones and 1.1 million hobbyist drones only in the US, as per the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Your flying skills play a small role now, as the modern drones are equipped with stabilization and sensors to make you an experienced pilot in a few turns. Thus, see the world in a whole new dimension by using this flying gadget at your fingertips.

Whether you're buying the drone for hobbyists flying or adding a new gadget to your film production arsenal, there are plenty of things that matter! But no one has got time to stick their feet in this challenging race of brands. Let's help you choose the best-suited one for your needs.

We've researched enough for both the first-time flyers as well as the professional ones. What we've got for you is the best of all!

Why Choose DJI Drones?

DJI brand was started back in 2006 from a single small office and has now built an empire in such a short time. From the Phantom 1 to Mavic Air, DJI has come a long way to and conquered such heights that seemed impossible.

The global market revenue for drones has now reached $11.2 Billion by 2020, amongst which DJI shared a large amount. These are some of the factors why DJI drones are top of the lists everywhere.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

OcuSync Connectivity:

Before we start some details, the number feature in mind is the OcuSync connectivity of the DJI drones. This way, you can connect multiple controllers to a single DJI.

A Trusted Brand:

People who love drones have some know-how of the quadcopter industry will have no problem with the slogan that "DJI is the best brand for drones." There are no toy-class products, and every feature vouch for the company's mark in this industry.

Parts and Accessories:

Amongst all the brands, DJI supports its customer in the best possible way! They have extra accessories ready to deliver at your doorstep for every model. Therefore, no need to worry about the broken parts and get the freedom of flight!

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

The Competing DJI Drone:

DJI has multiple products, which are competing wildly in the market. Each model is second to none! In this competing race, the DJI Mavic Air 2 is leading the market as per the survey of Techradar. Why is this so? Let's find out in this detailed review guide.

DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone - Best of All DJI Drones

Product Overview:

In 2018 DJI released the original Mavic Air, to which a successor is released later on as Mavic Air 2. Thus, with the launch of this Mavic Air 2, everything changed in the industry. It is regarded as the first mini drone to feature the 8K Hyper Lapse and 4K/60p video at 120 Mbps at this price.

Things are not just confined to this, but a 48MP bright camera visual matches the Hollywood reels. Whether you're a travel Vlogger or a hobbyist flyer, DJI Mavic Air 2 is the choice for you!

DJI Mavic Air 2 falls between the DJI Mavic Mini Drone and the Mavic 2 Pro! However, it is slightly upgraded from the mini drone model with its alert system and an Automatic Dependent Surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B). Regarding the appearance size and performance, no mini drone and FPV drones come near this Air 2.

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Photo: Fly More Combo

Key Specifications:

  • Weight: 0.57 kg

  • Remote Included: Yes

  • Video Resolution: 4K HDImage½’’ 48MP CMOS Sensor

  • Battery Type: Lithium ion

  • Aperture: F2.8

  • HDR: Yes

  • Camera Resolution12 MP/ 48MP

  • Panorama: Yes

  • Spotlight 2.0: Yes

  • Flight Time: 34 minMax

  • Speed: 42 mph8K

  • Hyper Lapse: Yes

  • APAS: Yes

Features in Detail:

Power and Portability:

What else one needs than the power and portability in a single gadget? This DJI Mavic Air 2 brings the game to a whole new level by offering real-time footage in combination with innovative shooting modes for brilliant results.

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Impressive 48MP Resolution:

DJI Mavic Air 2 comes with the perfect 48 MP resolution to capture the immersive visuals at your screen. Along with a ½-inches CMOS sensor and tri-axis gimbal, it's going to be a fun shooting. Take the stabilized 4K shots at 60fps to push the limits of photography to the next level.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

OcuSync 2.0:

Features for this Mavic Air 2 are not ending any soon! Here comes the next one on the list, i.e., OcuSync 2.0. It delivers you with an excellent 6.2 mi of distance range even at the 1080P FHD shooting quality Livestream. Never miss a shot from the top of the mountains next time using Spotlight 2.0 for locking an object!

A Stable and Improved Flight:

Are you tired of charging your drones multiple times during shooting? Not anymore now! Mavic Air 2 has surpassed the flight times for most mini drones and FPV drones with an incredible 34 minutes continuous flight.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

Perfect for Beginners:

Professionals will have no worries about flying this Mavic Air 2 with their exceptional skills. But what about the beginners? Here you go! This DJI's power pack drone has obstacle sensing and APAS technology on-board, which guides the first-time flyers from three directions.


  • Spotlight 2.0

  • POI 3.0 Tracks people

  • Intuitive shooting functions

  • Works with iOS (10) and Android v6.0

  • Low-noise propellers (6x)

  • USB-type C Support


  • The upper side has no sensor.

  • 8K not available in all modes


Are you keen on recording the breathtaking shots by yourself? If so, never waste your money on buying the mini drone or FPV drones. Keep your hand on this DJI Mavic Air 2 that brings an end to low-quality and unstable shots. With the ND filters set and a Control Stick for Gimbal, no one is topping you to raise aerial photography limits!

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