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Updated: Jan 21, 2021

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The new Shift Red drone is the latest addition to the commercial mini drone family. This impressively small mini drone is packed with innovative flight controls, autonomous modes, the next generation of control systems, and more.

The Shift Red is so sleek and small that it only weighs about 67 grams! It is ultraportable and your gateway to on-point aerial photography.

What does the FPV drone have to offer? A lot! For starters, here is a list of the drone’s attention-grabbing specifications:

Shift Red Drone Specifications:

- The drone only weighs 67 grams

- Weight of the drone with a battery is approximately 93 grams

- It offers a maximum flight time of 17 minutes

- The maximum distance it has to offer is about 300 meters

- The drone has a maximum streaming range of 100 meters

- It can reach up to a maximum altitude of 25 meters

- The drone measures up to 115 x 115 x 59 mm without propellers

- With propellers, the drone measures up to 194 x 188 x 59 mm

- The drone’s controller measures up to 37 x 39 x 96 mm

- It offers a radio frequency of 2.4 GHz and 5GHz Dual Band for video streaming

- It has a maximum charging time of 60 minutes

- It offers video recording in HD 720p at 30 frames per second

- The drone’s operating temperature range is between 0 and 40 °C

- It has a 5 M CMOS camera sensor

Looking Inside the Box:

Unboxing a brand-new gadget is always an exciting experience. The same goes for the Shift Red mini drone. When you unbox it for the first time, you receive numerous accessories along with the drone. The Shift Red mini drone Flex Pack comes along with the following accessories:

- One drone with propellers

- Two set of spare propellers

- Three spare batteries

- One charging hub

- One micro SD card (32 GB)

- One remover wrench

- One protector

- Two USB Type-C cable

- One Fit-Band

- One controller and controller ring

- One instruction manual

Shift Red Drone’s Features that are Worth Your Money:

The Shift Red drone is the next generation controller and is being called the drone for the masses. This drone is the solution to difficult maneuverability and expensive controllers.

From being extremely portable to offering autonomous flight modes, the Shift Red drone has everything you would want in a quality drone. First up, let's start with the drone’s most obvious feature which is the build and design.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

Is Shift Red’s Design as Good as its Looks?

If you ask satisfied customers, they will definitely say that this drone’s design and build is worth every penny. This mini drone is incredibly compact, lightweight, and sleek.

The drone is so small that it doesn’t even weigh a kilogram. The Shift Red weighs a whopping 159 grams less than the DJI Mavic Mini but even then, it is considered a powerful drone.

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Weighing less than 250 grams also exempts the drone from being registered as a mandatory regulation. Its weight and innovative design make it ultra-portable as well.

Wouldn’t you love an all-in-one gadget when you want to capture priceless moments during an adventure? With Shift Red, you can simply take the drone on a difficult hike or trekking without much baggage and capture high definition footage.

The Shift Red Drone Will Enhance Your Aerial Photography:

There are a few things that every drone owner deserves, one of which is a quality camera. Fortunately, Shift Red drone does not disappoint in this department to some extent.

Even though it doesn’t offer 4K, the drone still offers Full HD video shooting. Furthermore, the drone also offers real-time video transmission functionality.

Honestly, the drone isn’t a star when it comes to professional photography and shooting. However, you can still have an enhanced aerial photography experience due to the following features:

- Lens Distortion Correction: Many good names in the drone industry haven’t conquered this small setback which is distortion and shaking while shooting. However, the Shift Red comes with an applaudable distortion correction system. It allows the lens to take as accurate shots as possible. You can practically capture anything as accurately as seen by the human eyes.

- Virtual Gimbal: A gimbal allows an object to rotate along a single axis without depending on the movement of the person holding the gimbal. This allows you to shoot better and this is exactly what this drone has to offer with Shift Red, you can forget about taking blurry shots as the Virtual Gimbal software will eradicate any blurring when you tilt or pivot the drone camera.

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Say Goodbye to Boring Flight Experience with these Autonomous Modes:

Why follow the same old flight routine when you can experience something new frequently? The Shift Red drone has eight autonomous flight modes that let you experiment with your flights.

You can enjoy these autonomous auto-pilot modes through the dedicated smartphone app. These include four autonomous tracking modes and four pre-programmed flight paths.

Orbit: In this mode, the drone will fly around in a specific orbit.

Dolly In: The drone flies from afar and moves closer in this mode

Dolly: This mode allows the drone to fly steadily from right to left

Dolly Out: The drone starts from a close point and moves afar

Horizontal Tracking: While in horizontal flight, this mode allows the drone to track the target

Following: The drone simply follows a target in this mode

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Hero: In this unique mode, the drone will follow and fly along with the moving target, and once the target stops it will orbit it.

Yaw Tracking: While the drone is flying in position in this mode, it will perform a yaw rotation toward the target.

What are the Drone’s Most Innovative Features?

The Shift Red drone is the talk of the town because it features some incredibly innovative and “next-generation” features. This drone offers technology which many popular commercial drones lack.

The Hyper Sensor Fusion Technology:

This technology is specifically for giving you a flight experience no other drone can offer. This drone is fitted with a 3D location and speed recognizing sensor fusion technology which calculates these parameters with great precision.

The drone’s high-performance computing combined with Intelligent Vision is a treat for your flight experience especially if it also includes an integrated 3D Sensing System.

Ideal Path Tracking Feature:

The Shift Red offers highly competent tracking technology. When you want to capture dynamic and expressive shots, then you can rely on this drone’s Ideal Path Tracking for recognizing those movements smartly. It will provide you with a very satisfying output.

Smart Communication with Wireless Transfer:

Does it annoy you to remove your SD card from the drone every time you need to transfer content? With Shift’s wireless transfer, you can enjoy better and smart communication.

You can transfer all of your favorite content wirelessly with the help of the SHIFT App which offers seamless and quick transfer.

No More Interference:

Does your drone tend to lose or have interference in signals while in close proximity to other drones? You don’t have to worry about that with Shift Red.

When it comes to racing and enjoying with your friends and their drones, the Shift Red has your back as it offers virtually zero electronic interference capabilities while in flight.

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Real-Time Streaming:

With Shift Red drone, enjoy streaming live videos in real-time at up to 330 feet! Capture stunning footage with 720p FPV video streaming with dynamic coloring and high quality.

How “Next Generation” is the New Drone Controlling System?

The most talked-about feature of the Shift drone is its widely celebrated drone control system. It is claimed to be the world’s most intuitive and first drone control system that is equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

The patented Field Micro-Sensing technology is all about making the drone’s flight experience the easiest than ever. This technology enables the one-hand control system that allows your drone to maneuver and move in the desired direction through the movement of just your thumb.

You can skip the conventional drone controllers and jump right to Shift’s one-hand control. The drone moves in a more intuitive way as it coordinates with the movements of your thumb on the controller. This feature is by far the most impressive in any current drone in the market.

Controller Specifications:

- The controller weighs approximately 67 grams

- Its maximum operation time is 60 minutes

- The maximum control range offered is 300 meters

- The controller measures up to 37 x 39 x 96 mm

- The radiofrequency is 2.4 GHz


- Extremely lightweight, portable, and compact design

- Consists of a one-hand control system

- Eight autonomous flight modes

- Real-time video streaming at 720p

- Zero electronic interference

- Virtual gimbal software for stable footage

- Offers wireless content transfer

- Accurate pictures with lens distortion correction feature

- Offers intelligent intuitive flight controlling experience

- Consists of Sensor Fusion Technology

- Ideal Path Tracking for capturing dynamic movements

- Comes with propeller guards

- Does not need registration


- No obstacle avoidance feature

- No UHD or 4K streaming

Final Verdict:

Consumers are always looking for something new and this is exactly what Shift Red has to offer. You can expect an unforgettable flying experience with its patented intuitive flight control and autonomous flight modes.

The mini drone is a perfect traveling partner as its ultra-portability makes it possible to take on extreme adventures. Compared to other drones of the same size, this one is definitely an upgrade for your aerial photography.

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