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REVIEW 2021: Autel Robotics EVO II Pro Drone

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

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The orange robot hit the market in 2020 to support the user’s recreational and commercial needs.

It's worth the investment.

Why I can say so is because I attended the demonstration of this FPV drone.

The visual sensors for situational awareness is the feature that impressed me the most in this mini drone.

If you are creating some nighttime memories or just need to capture some nature admiring clicks before the sunrise you must think about the quality lighting.

EVO II pro can assist you with quality lighting to maintain a visual line of sight.

EVO II pro is combined with FoxFury Lighting Systems to allow you high visibility lights for those night clicks that you always desired to capture.

So if you are up to have a mini drone check in detail to explore its power features.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe


- Weight of the drone is approximately 12 pounds

- Approximate take-off weight is 2.6 lbs

- The drone has a battery life of 40 minutes

- Total hovering time is 35 minutes

- Omnidirectional binocular sensing system Supported by 19 sets of sensors

- Video ISO range is 100-9400

- Photo ISO range is 100-12,800

- Flight range distance is 5.5 mile or 9 km

- Maximum video resolution is 4k/60p, 6k/30p, HD/120p

- It does not have a geo-fencing feature

- It has Sony’s 1-inch type CMOS sensor

- The drone has F/2.8 – F/11 adjustable aperture

- It has a top speed of 20 m/s or 45 mph

- Colorful 3.3-inch LED display controller

- Sensor maximum resolution of 20MP (5472 x 3648) for stills

- Maximum height reached is 4.35 mile

- Can switch between ATTI and GPS mode

How Does the Autel EVO II Pro Compare with Other Drones by Design and Structure?

The Autel Evo II Pro is part of the EVO II series which launched back in January 2020. The EVO II Pro is a dynamic intelligent drone that has an approximate takeoff weight of about 1,174 grams.

Enthusiasts will love the fact that this drone is the first foldable 8K intelligent drone from Autel. It only provides outstanding photography and videography but is easy to handle.

Its foldable and lightweight design allows it to deploy in under 30 seconds. It leaves a minimal footprint for both seamless transport and in the air.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

The Evo II Pro has been specially designed for carrying out versatile operations. The pilot is able to alternate between the 6k, 8k, and Dual thermal payload options.

Compared to other drones in the series, the Evo II Pro’s design offers exceptional flexibility and confidence in any sort of shooting environment.

When it comes to portability, this drone checks all the boxes as it only nearly weighs 2.6 bounds. It is roughly the size of an adult shoe but its props and arms stick out a little bit from the body.

Other than that, the EVO II Pro drone offers pilot easy launch and recovery without needing much space as it is a small-sized drone.

A Perfect Camera for Professional Photography:

When it comes to camera quality, the EVO II Pro is in a league of its own. It has a 1-inch sensor that offers 6k resolution. This drone makes it possible to capture detailed photography which was not possible previously on an aerial platform of this size.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

The drone has been specially designed with next-generation imaging technology. This means that it can capture crisp detailed footage with 8K video resolution.

It has an adjustable aperture of f/2.8 – f/11 which allows it to have ultimate control. The 1-inch sensor image quality offers up to 5472 x 3648 stills and 5472 x 3076 video capture.

Highlighted Camera Features:

It’s an established fact that the EVO II Pro is equipped with a professional camera but there are many more features that offer stunning footage.

When it comes to different shooting environments such as low-light or night-time shooting, this drone does not disappoint. In low-light flights, the camera offers ISO ranges up to 12,800 for photos and up to 6,400 for videos.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

Along with capturing highly detailed footage, the camera also offers clarity while zooming. The Evo II Pro has an 8x digital zoom for maintaining 1080p along with a 3x lossless zoom.

For videographers, the drone offers impressive features such as 120fps slow motion at 2k resolution and HDR video resolution through a 10-Bit A-log color profile.

Battery Life:

Compared to other drones with similar features in the market, the Evo II Pro offers long battery life for a commercial drone. With a single Evo II battery, Autel claims that their model gives an astounding 40-minute flight time.

However, customers after multiple flight tests say that the actual maximum flight time the drone gave was up to 35 minutes. Even then, a flight-time between 33 to 35 minutes is impressive for a drone on a single battery.

If you are out on an adventure and your Evo II Pro runs out of battery, then not to worry because it charges faster than normal drones. If you take down its battery to 5%, it will take approximately 110 minutes to charge the battery to 100%.

Flight Operations and Smart Flight Mode:

The Evo II Pro is easy to operate and offers a variety of smart/intelligent flight modes. The drone currently offers the following three smart flight modes:

- ORBIT: This mode allows the drone to maneuver easily around a designated center point in a circular pattern. With this mode, the drone can do full 360-degree imagery around an established circumference.

- Tracking Options: This feature offers multiple tracking modes such as Parallel Track (makes the drone follow the subject from the side), ViewPoint, and Dynamic so that the pilot can conduct smooth and flight paths. It should be noted here that the Evo II Pro has an updated Dynamic Tracking 2.0 system. This means that your drone can now focus on the target in the entire flight path and identify up to 64 objects simultaneously.

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- ViewPoint: This mode will allow you to move the drone towards a selected point at your desired speed. This also includes defending and climbing as needed. Moreover, with this, you can control the drone without the risk of stick wobble.

- Dual Stability: This mode allows the drone to catch cinematic shots and footage through a gradual stop in gimbal and aircraft movement.

Obstacle Avoidance Feature:

For you to have an uninterrupted experience capturing utterly marvelous footage, the drone is provided with a sophisticated 360-degree Obstacle Avoidance Feature.

The drone is fitted with an amazing total of 19 sensors for it to avoid obstacles and obstruction from all angles and directions.

The dual-core processor allows the drone’s AI to create omnidirectional protection. The system can detect objects and obstacles from up to 30 m away.

Once detected, the drone then can even accurately control its speed to avoid a collision. Furthermore, the pilot can also use the radar for observing the environment.

The Controller:

Unlike drones from DJI, the Evo II Pro doesn’t require attaching a smartphone to your controller for display. The mini drone comes with a 3.3-inch colorful LED screen that can be used without a phone.

The controller has a good battery life that can last you a day’s worth of flights. The controller has fold-out grips and does not come with cables. The rear-mounted buttons are easily pressed while the shoulder controls are also good.

The controller comes with default settings while through the app you can access modes like Dual Stability, Ludicrous, Precision Flight, and more. Furthermore, the screen shows instrumentation data like range and altitude when not used as a flight monitor.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

Adjustable Aperture and 10-bit Color Mode:

For professional photography, the Evo II Pro comes with an adjustable aperture (f/2.8 – f/11) where the large aperture can be used for portrait photography. With this drone, you wouldn’t need to switch lenses.

This drone is popular for its detailed and rich photography which is due to the 10-bit color mode. It allows the drone to record up to a whopping 1 billion colors.


- Uses a large 1-inch 20MP sensor

- Long battery life with a 40-minute flight time

- 360-degree obstacle avoidance feature

- Updated dynamic tracking with identifying up to 64 objects simultaneously

- Offers 9 Km video transmission distance without delay

- 8x digital zoom along with maximum 3x lossless

- Can record up to 1 billion colors with 10-bit

- Better portrait photography with large adjustable aperture

- Records 4k video at 120 fps and 5.5k video at 60 fps

- Offers smart features like Landing Protection, Failsafe, and Go Home

- First intelligent foldable 8K adjustable aperture drone by Autel

- Interchangeable Gimbal

- Colorful 3.3-inch LED display controller


- Does not have a geo-fencing feature

- Panorama mode is not included


The increased battery time and high-resolution images or video is a plus point of this FPV drone yet the accessories and price range make it an irresistible option for any drone flyer.

EVO II Pro has already changed the game with its Public Safety operations and if you are ready to create more creative content this mini drone is the best option for you.

Enjoy the most creative and high resolution captures with EVO II Pro today.

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