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REVIEW 2021: The Best Kids Drones to Buy Right Now

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

As a parent, you are always in search of some magically working ideas to keep your kids engaged in some healthy activities!

Flying toys and cameras are of great temptation to kids but what if both are combined?

Let me tell you, drones for adults may lead to some complicated usage, or the fear of losing a pricy possession while mishandling proves it a wrong choice for kids.

And this is the reason manufacturers are designing mini drones for kids with remarkable ease of use and affordable prices.

Enjoy Live FPV transmission, clear still aerial images, and distortion-free videos.

Grab your hands on a kid’s friendly drone then see the magic. Children love to have fun, play outside and entertain with this flying ball drone. It develops their interest in photography, aviation, and robotics.

A perfect kid’s friendly drone is the one that has FPV function, hand-operated, intelligent modes, and safe propellers.

Here we enlist the top 5 best kids friendly drones that are available in the market to be at your door.

Holy Stone HS110D Drone FPV RC

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe


  • 10 minutes playing time for each battery (2 batteries included)

  • 1080p HD camera that records live videos at 1200 FOV

  • 196ft /60m video transmission distance

  • 328ft/100m operation transmitter range

  • Compatible with IOS 7.0 or afterward models.

  • Kids adore to drive a tempting quadcopter toy or feel just like a dream come true!

  • The pro-level quadcopter or expensive beginner-focused drones are not suitable for the kids.

  • Here we have one of the best drones for kids at a budget-friendly price.

  • Let’s explore some exciting features of Holy Stone HS110D Drone FPV RC.


The camera is the most functional component of a drone. Holy Stone HS110D has an exceptional top-notch quality 1080p HD camera. The field of vision angle of 120 degrees covers the maximum area.

Create memorable moments in the form of HD videos, pictures, or live transmission. It gives a h-quality distortion-free output from the wide-angle lens.

Above all, it allows kids to share their exciting experiences on social media.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

Smart Controls

To maximize functionality, it offers the following controls:

Gesture Control:

The gesture control sensors will start the camera as you make the gestures. It will detect and focus the signal and take the action accordingly.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

Gravity Control:

The gravity sensor will let you drive the drone by moving or holding the smartphone.

Trajectory Flight:

This mode allows the user to draw a path on the app. The drone will follow the path.

Live Video Feed:

The 1080 HD camera will let you enjoy the real-time transmission to view the fascinating sceneries in a special way.

If your drone hits the wall or someone, then its propeller guard protection will defend the drone and others.


Holy Stone HS110D comes with two modular batteries. These batteries are easy to replace and charge. It takes about 120 minutes for a complete charging of one battery.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

As compared to other competitor’s drones, the battery life of 20 minutes is far better than others.

Advance modes

Altitude hold:

Suspend your drone in the air with a locked attitude while focusing on the still images clicks. This feature will let you take crystal clear images of different views and angles.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

Headless mode:

If the drone gets out of sight you can easily control it yet with headless mode. As under this mode, the drone flies with in relation to the pilot

3D Flip: 3d flip is a great source of fun for beginners, kids, starters, or newbies.

What do you get?

A HS110 Drone along with additional accessories included a transmitter, 2 3.7v modular battery, USB charging cable, extra propellers blade, extra landing feet, motor gears, light covers, screw, and screwdriver.

That’s not all! A user manual is included for proper instruction and guidelines to drive a quadcopter.


  • Budget-friendly

  • Suitable for beginners, starters, kids, and newbies

  • Stable flight

  • HD videos and images quality

  • Protection propellers guard


  • Limited FPV

  • Not-included SD Card


SNAPTAIN A10 Mini Foldable Drone

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe


80 meters control range and 25 meters FPV range

Up to 15 meters of maximum flight height

Capture videos at 720p video resolution

7 minute flight time (14 minutes with two batteries)

2 rechargeable drone batteries and 3 AAA batteries for controller (not included)

An ideal kid’s friendly drone is one that is easy to grasp, simple to operate, highly-functional, and cheap.

Here we come with a perfect combination of all these features known as SNAPTAIN A10 Mini Foldable Drone.

Let’s have a look at its exciting features, modes, and how it works!

HD images/ videos:

The 720 HD camera of this mini foldable drone will let you take crystal-clear images and distortion-free videos. The FPV function will let you see live streaming of video on your smartphone.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

Connect your smartphone with the controller to view the beautiful views at different angles. Capture amazing clicks and videos by real-time transmission through Wi-Fi.

Intelligent Device:

The features like voice and gesture control make it an intelligent device that can sense and feel.

Yes! Operate your drone with your voice via commands like left, right, landing, take–off, forward, and backward.

The gesture control mode will let you pose to the camera, the device will trigger the action to click pictures or video recordings.

Fun Flight modes

The reason that your kids will love this gadget is the multiple flight’s modes to have an amazing quadcopter flight.

SNAPTAIN A10 will let you fly the drone in the following modes:

Throw and Go:

This mode will allow the user to hold the drone in hands and throw it in the air. The drone will be ready to control via the controller.

High-speed rotation:

To have a spinning impact, click on the high-speed rotation on the remote control. It will let the drone rotate at its own axis.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

Circle fly:

Capture dramatic views via circle fly mode. It rotates around the object in an anti-clock direction at the diameter of 1M.

Hold Attitude:

This feature will let you hold the drone at a certain height.

360-degree flip:

Add more fun to your videos by a 360-degree flip.

Easy to use:

SNAPTAIN A10 is easy to use due to its one key start landing and return function, gravity sensor mode, emergency stop, and 3-speed modes including low, medium, and high make it a perfect gadget for the kids and beginners.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

Portable design and flight time:

The foldable blades make it a sleek, compact, and flexible design. This portable drone is easy to carry or transport especially for kids.

Moreover, the two modular batteries provide an exceptional ride of 14 minutes for you and your family.

What do you get?

Mini Drone with Camera, Propeller Protectors, USB Charger, Instructions, spare rotor blades, 2 modular batteries, and remote control.


  • HD images/videos & FPV Function

  • Voice and gesture control

  • Easy to operate

  • Foldable

  • Advance intelligent modes


  • Moderate flight time

  • Repeat linking procedure of drone and controller each time.


SHWD UFO Hand Operated Drone

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe


  • Made up of premium quality ABS plastic.

  • 1.5 hours of charging time

  • The battery capacity of 3.5mAh

  • 5 to 8 minutes of approximate flight time.

  • 4 powerful motors for 3600 rotation flying

It’s time for a kid fight tour! Have fun with your kids by using this state-of-the-art drone.

This ultra-modern drone is a perfect gift for boys and girls on the occasion of New Year, birthdays, anniversaries, farewells or others.

A nice kid’s friendly drone for a fun family time.

Let’s have a look at how this SHWD UFO Hand Operated Drone works!

Hand operated (No remote)

Simply, throw this drone gently in the air and it will take a flight. The most amazing thing about this mini flying ball is that when your hands come near to the drone. It will fly away in the opposite direction.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

The infrared sensors' advanced technology will control the whole movement. If your kids try to catch the drone, the sensor will detect the hand and move away. Simply, use your hands to control the movements.

You don’t need to teach your kids how to drive this drone. It is best suited for kids at the age of 4 to 5 years old or above.

Sturdy Material Body:

The aircraft body is made up of top-notch quality PP material that is strong enough to face collisions. Don’t worry! It is not going to wear and tear easily.

A flying ball drone toy with a flexible design, highly durable, and safe for kids. It is equipped with a good detection system that has the ability to move away when it finds an obstacle near around.

Unlike other sharp propellers, the flexible and soft shell will not hurt your kid’s hands.

Auto Fly 360° rotation

This kid’s helicopter is built up of 4 powerful motors to deliver the power to fly at 360-degree rotation.

The incorporated gyroscope helps to provide accuracy and sensitivity when it hovers at a certain height.

If you want to stop it, grab the flying ball toy drone and flip it over.

In addition to this, the LED light indicators excite the overall driving experience for kids.

Mini flying ball drones can easily charge with the help of USB cable charging. Grab your hands on SHWD UFO Hand Operated Drone and get ready for the drive-in minutes.

How to play?

It is simple to operate aircraft. Press the ON/OFF button located at the bottom for a few seconds till a light flashes.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

Throw the flying ball drone toy gently in the air and it will take off the flight.

Control height by putting your hand on the bottom of the drone. While control directions with the movements of hands.

In order to stop it. Grab the drone and shut it off.

What do you get?

You will get in the package a drone and a USB charging cable.


  • Anti-Shock material

  • Portable & Rechargeable

  • Cool drone for kids at the age of 4-5 years

  • Safe and secure propellers

  • Sturdy Aircraft body


  • Moderate battery life

  • No intelligent modes


SNAPTAIN SP300 Hand Operated Quadcopter

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe


  • 50 miles control range and a maximum height of 50M.

  • Flight time is 7 to 8 minutes for a single battery

  • Charging time 60 mins for one battery

  • 30 mins to charge watch remotely

  • No charging required for a water drop remote controller.

Brings happiness and excitement to your kids!

Are you looking for premium quality, highly functional, and a speedy drone? Here we have a perfect option for you.

SNAPTAIN SP300 Hand Operated Quadcopter is a perfect combination of all these qualities. Let’s explore its exciting features!

Three Remote controls:

Yes! The most exciting thing for your kids is that it comes with three remote controls. A standard mini remote control! Water-drop shaped remote! G-sensor watch remotely! Triple Remote controls bring Triple excitement and fun.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

LED lights:

Light up the sky with stunning bright LED strips installed in the SNAPTAIN SP300 drone. The drone presents an amazing light show with its different modes such as circle fly, high-speed rotation, 3d flip, and others.

Two powerful batteries will let you enjoy this show for up to 16 minutes. However, it may take some time to charge fully.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

Motion Sensors:

Apart from remote controls, you can drive this mini drone in the palm of your hand. Put aside the remotes and have some fun with hands.

The advanced infrared technology sensors are capable of detecting obstacles. Therefore, it provides a collision-free flight experience.

As it takes the palm of the hand as an obstacle and flies in the opposite direction. The real fun is when you provide direction with your hands.

When you place the hand at the bottom side, it will fly upwards, and when you put your hand sideways, it will fly in the opposite direction.

Control via watch remote:

The best part is! Toss the Mini drone in the air and it will take the flight. A self-rotation and self-flying feature make it cooler.

You can control the drone movements with the move of your hands by wearing the G-sensor watch in your hand.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

Robust Functions:

The headless mode, one key start and landing, one key return home function, headless mode, and three-level speed adjustments make it an ideal drone for beginners, skilled, and users.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

What do you get?

SNAPTAIN SP300 Hand Operated Quadcopter pack comes with a mini remote standard size, g-sensor watch remote, a water drop shape remote, 2 USB battery charging cables, 1 watch remote USB charging cable, 4 spare propellers, 6 propeller screws, 1 screwdriver, and a user manual.


  • Three-levels speed variations

  • 16 minute of flight time

  • 3D flip by G-sensor watch

  • Perfect gift for fun

  • Robust functions


  • LED lights get fused over time

  • Need to teach kids how to use


SIMREX X300C FPV RC Quadcopter

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe


  • 720P Camera for HD images/video

  • The remote control distance up to 40 meters

  • 8 to 10 minutes of flight time

  • 110-degree Wide-angle FPV function

  • Charging time is about 60 minutes.

The best mini drone for beginners or starters that is simple to operate.

SIMREX X300C FPV RC Quadcopter comes with an interactive user interface with one-key functions.

Record your memories or adventurous trips in the form of clear aerial photos or videos.

Let’s explore SIMREX X300C FPV RC Quadcopter features in detail.

Dual controls:

The most competitive aspect of this drone is that it has dual controls. The user can direct the drone with the help of a smartphone as well as a remote control.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

Just in case, your controller disconnects then you have an alternative solution for mobile phone control.

Phone controls directly with the transmitter of the drone. In addition to this, the drone is compatible with iOS/ Android phones.

Rolling and flips:

Enjoy flight show with one-key 3D rolling effect. With a simple press of the key, enjoy the incredible flip to bring excitement to kids.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

Moreover, you can flip it in 4 different ways left, right, backward, and forward. Enhance your flight experience with continuous turns and rolls.

Operational Modes:

Headless mode:

This mode enables the user to control the drone when you can recognize the drone orientation. Simply press the headless mode button, and control the directions without concerning its head direction.

That's not all! Headless mode makes the drone easy to handle and guides the direction more precisely.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

Altitude Hold Function:

If you want to keep your drone still at a certain height, then press the altitude hold function for stable and smooth functionality.

It will let you capture the distortion-free and clear images and videos at your desired point.

Uav  pyrodrone  dji rumours  racedayquad  dji fly safe

6 axis Gyro flight: For a safer and better user experience, the drone is fully equipped with 6 axis gyro flight controls.

FPV Function:

The FPV function will let you see the live view of beautiful sceneries on your smartphone through a mobile app.

Install the app and connect your phone with the controller and start exploring it.

Create professional videos and photos with a 110-degree wide-angle FPV camera at 1920 x 1080 resolution.

What do you get?

SIMREX X300C FPV RC Quadcopter comes with some vital accessories including a phone holder, controller, 4-spare propellers, Li-po Battery, Charging cable, protection frames, and a product manual.


  • Responsive motors

  • Emergency Stop button

  • Dual control via mobile phone and remote control

  • Protected propellers

  • Foldable


  • Not a waterproof drone

  • Overuse heat up the motor



So! What are you waiting for? Have a great fun time with your kids, perform stunts, LED lights, stunning night shows, aerial selfies, and exciting videos.

Grab your hands on a budget-friendly, durable, and safe drone. Look for a drone equipped with a propeller guard and infrared sensors. These features ensure the safety of the drone itself and the user.

The editor’s choice is Holy Stone HS110D Drone FPV RC due to its long flight time of 20 minutes and exceptional performance.

Get your kids a kid’s friendly drone for fun flights today!

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